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My journey in life has brought me full circle. As early as I can remember I was destined to make things. I spent my spare time sewing and painting and in 1969 landed an art scholarship to college. The next decade I honed my skills as a fiber artist - weaving, spinning, felt making, sewing and hand painting fabrics for sculptural fiber art and art to wear. In 1978, while living in Washington D.C., I crossed paths with another fiber artist and SILKSCAPES INC. was born. We created hand painted silk clothing and accessories and began wholesaling our products to local boutiques. Fate intervened shortly thereafter and we found ourselves separated by half the globe.

My husband's career as an infectious disease doctor brought us to the Philippines for 2 years where I located a batik factory and taught the local artisans our hand painting techniques.

We created a collection widely recognized for its artistry, whimsy and enduring high quality. The production process was unique, and like a couture operation, each piece was made to order. In 1984 I moved to Atlanta and my partner ended up in Boston. Over the next 2 decades we had to reinvent our company and change with the times - but our corporate vision of 'Art for the Body and Soul' remained steadfast throughout. With partners in 2 cities, silk imported from Hong Kong, dyes from France and production in the Philippines, we made use of the word global long before the internet was invented. Before it was chic we always operated from home offices trying to balance work and family. We sold our creations to major stores such as Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms, Saks Fifth Avenue and I appeared on QVC. We were even asked to create wardrobe items for The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and The Golden Girls TV shows.

In 2000 my partner retired and I continued the business under the LRW DESIGNS label. Production remained overseas until the end of 2012. Throughout these years my husband and I raised 2 wonderful children, who are entrepreneurs, and we are thrilled to also have 2 grandsons, who we love to spend time with. In 2013 I decided to return to my roots as a crafter and go back to creating one of a kind textile creations. The pursuit of unique design and high quality craftsmanship is still a number one priority. I strive to make each piece of merchandise a joy to own.

Lynn Reiter Weinberg